Class Schedule

Date / Time Classes Teacher Name Duration  
Wed 20 February 2019
10:00 AM
Creative Yoga Flow - Open LevelA strong vinyasa flow with evolving creative sequencing to build heat, endurance, strength and flexibility. We will ignite you core as you flow through creative sequence designed to target your abdominals, obliques, spine and pelvic floor. This class move in an energetically pace with great music. (Strong beginners/ Advance)
Liat Chanoch 1 hour Sign Up
11:30 AM
Beginners Flow A class built for the beginners and brand new yogis! Learn the foundational poses of healthy vinyasa yoga practice, connecting movement and breath. Energize, build strength and create flexibility in body, mind and spirit.
Liat Chanoch 1 hour & 15 minutes Sign Up
Thu 21 February 2019
09:00 AM
Gentle Yoga and MeditationThis is a beginner class that will address all the important aspect of a yoga class. we will focus on the basic postures, the breathing and the foundation of a yoga class in a slow pace. You will be guided into the practice of mindfulness-awareness meditation by bringing your attention to breathing of moment to moment experience. No previous experience in yoga is required.
Liat Chanoch 1 hour & 15 minutes Sign Up
11:00 AM
Pre/Post - Natal YogaThis class is for all moms-to-be. there will be a gentle variation on traditional yoga postures that specifically benefit the need of pregnant women. Prenatal Yoga applies posture, breading and meditation to help sooth the challenges of pregnancy, and prepare expectant mothers for both delivery and postpartum recuperation.
Liat Chanoch 1 hour Sign Up
07:30 PM
Yoga Alignment - Candlelight EveningThis is a safe space for student who are brand new to yoga, as well as those who want to grow their practice from a strong foundation of personal alignment and skillful breathing. strength and flexibility are not required, and will be gained through regular attendance. Deepen your breath, tap into inner strength, and become more aware or the relationship between your mind and body. Special attention is paid to learning alignment principle so student can progress safely to intermediate classes.
Liat Chanoch 1 hour & 15 minutes Sign Up
Fri 22 February 2019
05:30 AM
Sunrise Warrior FlowWake Up and Flow! Warm up with Sun Salutations for a deeper connection to breath and body. You will be guided through energetic standing poses, mindful stretches and twists, heart and hip openers; all the essentials you will need in body, mind and soul to flow through your day! (Knowledge of Sun Salutations and basic poses recommended.)
Liat Chanoch 1 hour Sign Up
Mon 25 February 2019
07:00 PM Teens Yoga (Ages 11-14) Liat Chanoch 1 hour Sign Up
Wed 27 February 2019
05:00 PM Teens Yoga (Ages 11-14) Liat Chanoch 1 hour Sign Up