About us


About the studio:

Yoga Mind Li is a home studio for yoga and meditation, located in the hearth of Saddle Rock, Great Neck.
During the winter, classes are held indoor and during the spring and summer we hold classes outdoor, in a garden surrounded by nature and evergreen trees.

It is sacred space for the ancient tradition of yoga, and an intimate and pleasant place which invites each and every one of us to explore the body science and deepen our insight and wisdom.

The studio is equipped with accessories that support a healthy practice and tailored to any age or level. In the studio, you can practice and learn a variety of yoga styles.

The yoga classes in the studio are designed to allow each practitioner to find peace, tranquility, and relaxation. To accurately tailor your own personal path within the fascinating journey of yoga practice on and off the mat, you are invited to join our group …

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