Yoga Dance


It’s time to go out and dance.

Yoga Dance is a style of yoga that combines fluid movement with music in yoga practice.

Dance and fluid movement is a fun, non-intimidating way to experience the benefits of yoga while also allowing the yogi to have creative expression through


Many fitness programs assist in physical wellness but do not address spiritual and emotional wellness. Yoga is a marvelous spiritual fitness tool, but it does not

access the rich creative imagination within each soul yearning to express itself. I have found by adding creativity to fitness and by creating original movements in

space to express diverse thought currents, that cathartic, transformative, and healing energy emerges.

Yoga-Dance first offers a specific discipline of movements, including conscious breathing, yoga, dance technique, and chakra activations as a preparatory tool for

improvisational dancing led by the guidance of your own Heart. The structured regimen of Yoga-Dance is for developing both an open state of mind as well as

refined strength, coordination, flexibility, and the freedom to easily express yourself through the free dance of the soul. The freedom to easily express yourself will

leave you ecstatic.

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