Breathing Customized Workshops for Groups and Corporations


Yoga is adaptable to so many situations and needs.

We can create classes to meet the needs of businesses, special interest groups and schools.  We can develop classes for all ages and abilities.  If your group consists of yoga skeptics, we can work with them too.

Corporate Yoga is being embraced by many businesses and is a great benefit to your staff. It helps employees to develop greater motivation and creativity. Your employees will feel much better and will benefit from improved health.

Special interest groups are incorporating yoga into their event schedule.  A yoga break during a full day of seminars will enhance focus and learning. Yoga is also a great motivator and team builder.

Now days school are introducing yoga into their curriculum and educators are seeing improved focus, self-esteem and focus amongst their students.  We can create classes that can teach the teachers how to meet the needs of their students ages K – 12. Yoga can also be incorporated into special events for motivation and team building.

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