– Testimonials –

– “My wife and I have the distinct fortune and pleasure of practicing yoga with Liat Chanoch. We started in February, a few weeks before the evolving coronavirus situation required Liat to close her studio. But, even after just a few yoga practice sessions with Liat in her beautiful studio, we knew we had found our yoga teacher! Now we are back at Yoga Mind LI, practicing our yoga with Liat outdoors, in a beautiful setting surrounded by the calming sounds of nature. There can be no better place to be practicing yoga! Liat is an extremely knowledgeable yoga instructor, who adapts the yoga poses to the ability of her students so that each student can achieve competency in each session. The class sizes are small so that each student receives adequate individual attention, guidance, encouragement, and support. We highly recommend Liat’s yoga classes”./ Mitchell Wolfson Cardiologist 


– “I have been taking yoga classes at the studio for more than a year and I can only say good things about this place. Liat Chanoch, is a knowledgeable intuitive teacher who custom tailors her classes towards the needs of her students making the class a healing oasis. My flexibility has improved greatly since starting yoga. The studio is always clean and smells yummy since she uses good quality essential oils that really add to the ambiance. Highly recommend this place”. / Kathy Sionit Psychotherapist


– “I have had the distinct honor & pleasure of practicing yoga with Liat Chanoch for the past year and a half.  Liat Chanoch is an extremely knowledgeable yoga instructor, who adapts the yoga poses to the ability of her students so that each student can achieve competency in each session. Her guided meditations during every session elevating each session to another spiritual level. Class sizes are kept small so that she can provide individual attention to each and every one of her students. Thanks to Liat’s yoga classes I feel healthier and stronger. I highly recommend Liat’s classes”./  Sherry Husney  Physical Therapist


– “I highly recommend Liat as a Yoga instructor. I had the privilege of taking her individualized yoga sessions in the comfort of my own home. Liat helped me release build up tension in my body and alleviated my pelvic and hip pain after multiple pregnancies. Liat is compassionate, caring, and very knowledgeable in her field. She will go out of her self to help and support you. I highly recommend her private classes”. / Diana Frenseman Creative Art Therapist


– “LIAT gives a wonderful yoga class. It is the perfect combination of challenge and calm. Corrections are nonjudgmental but clear. Verbal instruction is easy to follow and LIAT does all the moves with the class giving more difficult and easier options for every level, making all participants feel welcome and accomplished. The flow is balletic and varied enough to remain interesting. When class is held outside the beautiful backyard enhances the experience. I have been doing yoga for a while. Often instructors intimidate by demonstrating their own prowess. Others instruct but don’t do the moves well. Others are dull, have a voice that is hard to listen to, or don’t pay attention to individuals in the class. Liat is guilty of none of these pitfalls. Without reservation, I highly recommend her studio./ Rita hall Graphic Artist and Designer