Reiki Healing


Reiki healing Sessions In Great Neck, Long Island, New York. 


Reiki is a holistic healing technique. That has proven to be very beneficial and effective over time. 

It is based on the belief that there is a universal life force energy that flows through all living things, and by channeling this energy, the Reiki healer can promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing to the client. The client will feel an immediate and empowering healing impact from the first session. During the healing session, I am focusing on sending healing energy to my client to promote physical and emotional well-being, reduce stress, and facilitate the body’s natural healing processes. Our Reiki session will include sound healing therapy and essential oils as well.

Reiki healing session is an hour long. The result and impact on the client are very fast. After the first session, the client will feel relaxed and may continue to experience the effects of the energy work in the days following the session. It’s very common for people to have multiple sessions over time to address specific issues or to maintain overall well-being.

Reiki is considered a complementary therapy and is not a replacement for any kind of medical treatment.


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