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About our private yoga sessions

No matter if you’ve never touched a yoga mat or if you’re a seasoned yogi, taking classes with a private yoga instructor can provide huge benefits. Sometimes there’s no substitute for one-on-one guidance and yoga instructors are highly trained in offering individualized practice.

Would you love to get started in yoga but have no idea where to begin?

Do you want to make sure your poses are benefitting you and not putting you at risk of injury?

In a year, would you like to be more balanced, stronger, and more flexible?

Private yoga instruction gives you all of these things and more. If you have yoga experience already, a private instructor can help you progress faster than before. They can give you a deeper understanding of asanas and guide you through advanced movements.

Here are the some benefits of having a private Yoga session:

When you go to a group yoga class, you could be sharing a room with ten to thirty people. While many people enjoy group classes, there are some downsides.

As each of us is unique, what we need and want from yoga poses differs.

If you’re completely new to yoga or you have very little experience, you’ll reap the benefits of having a private yoga instructor. While some poses may look simply,

even in beginners’ classes they may not be the ones right for you.

In a private class, your instructor will ensure that each new pose you try is ideal for you. They’ll teach you poses to suit your needs and will never rush you into the next one. There’s no pressure in a private class, it will always progress in line with you.

If you are an experienced Yogis, you may be feeling stagnant in your regular group classes or have a specific goal that you’re struggling to meet.

A private instructor will get to know your level and help guide you through the progress you’re looking for. They can identify where you might be going wrong and

work with you to attain the poses you’ve always wanted to.

In a private yoga session, Liat will help you reconnect with your body and make small adjustments to suit your exact level.

Personal adjustments are invaluable for every yogi throughout your practice. Even one private class a month will help iron out those misaligned poses and put

you are on the right path.

Would you like to be flexible enough to get into monkey pose (the splits)? How about balanced enough to do sirsasana (headstand)?

Or perhaps your goals are more general. You might like to gain greater all-round flexibility or strength. Maybe it’s the breathwork of yoga that you’d like in order to

calm your mind and give you greater inner strength. Whatever your goal is, Liat will help you reach it. In a class, individual goals are hard to progress with as you’ll

be following a guided group session. But in private practice, you can discuss your aims with your instructor. They, in turn, will develop a clear path of progression

to your goal and guide you through each step. You will see a very fast positive changing result in a very short time.

Because each pose and sequence will be crafted exactly for your level and goals. With focused attention, you’ll progress faster and at your own pace.

Your risk of injury will decrease as your instructor will be guiding you specifically and you’ll quickly see the benefits of your practice. If hip inflexibility, for instance,

is holding your progress back, your instructor will focus on that to enable you to move forward.

This one-to-one focus helps you identify and remove obstacles from your path, speeding up your progression.

With Liat, you’ll get the support and encouragement you need to stay motivated. Because you’ll receive personal guidance, you won’t experience the setbacks that

might demotivate you in a group class either. This simple motivation can have a huge effect on your progress and allow you to reach your current goal, the next one,

and the one after that.

Benefit From Confidentiality and a Safe Space

In a group environment, many people wishing to try yoga can feel intimidated or even embarrassed. Personal life changes may affect your comfort level in group classes or health issues may stop you from wanting to attend.

When you take a class with a private yoga instructor, you’re in a safe space. You can tell them any problems you’re having and receive expert guidance and support. As yoga combines physical and mental practices, it can offer wide-ranging benefits no matter what you’re going through.

With a private instructor, you know that no matter what emotions you’re feeling, you’ll be supported. You’ll be guided through poses that benefit your circumstances and your practice and requirements are always kept confidential.


As you can see, taking classes with Liat has many benefits, no matter what level of yoga you’ve reached. Beginners can build a solid foundation from which to continue their practice and see greater benefits in a shorter amount of time.

Experienced yogis can deepen their understanding of yoga, learn new forms, and reach goals that they may be struggling with. Your private yoga instructor will always develop classes with your individual needs and goals in mind. They’ll give you the space and motivation to progress at your own pace without group class

pressures. This freedom will help you gain the strength, flexibility, and balance you need to get the most out of your practice and out of your whole life.

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