Private Yoga Sessions


Private Yoga Lessons in Great Neck, New York

Taking classes with a private yoga instructor at Yoga Mind Li can provide you with huge

benefits. We are highly trained in offering individualized practice.

Here are some benefits of having a private Yoga session:

In a private class, your instructor will ensure that each new pose you try is ideal for you.

He will teach you poses to suit your needs and goal.

There’s no pressure in a private class, it will always progress in line with you.

A private instructor will get to know your level and help guide you through the progress

you’re looking for. In a private yoga session, you will reconnect with your body and

make small adjustments to suit your exact level.

Personal adjustments are invaluable for every yogi throughout your practice.

Even one private class a month will help iron out those misaligned poses and put

you are on the right path.

With a private instructor, you’ll get the support and encouragement you need to stay

motivated. Because you’ll receive personal guidance, you won’t experience the

setbacks that might demotivate you in a group class either. This simple motivation can

have a huge effect on your progress and allow you to reach your current goal, the next

one, and the one after that.

Private instructor you will feel supported and encouraged to do your best at any giving

time. As you can see, taking classes with Liat has many benefits, no matter what level

of yoga you’ve reached. Beginners can build a solid foundation from which to continue

their practice and see greater benefits in a shorter amount of time.

Experienced yogis can deepen their understanding of yoga, learn new forms, and reach

goals that they may be struggling with.

Your private yoga instructor will always develop classes with your individual needs and

goals in mind. She will give you the space and motivation to progress at your own pace

without group class pressures. This kind of practice will help you gain the strength,

flexibility, and balance you need to get the most out of your practice and

out of your whole life.

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