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About Liat Chanoch, Yoga Mind Li Founfer

Hi, my name is Liat Chanoch and I am the founder and owner of the Yoga Mind Li Studio.

My love and passion for Yoga began 30 years ago while I was enjoying a walk with my dog in my grandparent’s village. During that walk, I decided to take a moment to sit on the ground, close my eyes, and listen to mother nature. That was the moment when I found mindfulness for the first time.

I was a teenager and I did not know back then that I was meditating.  I always felt wonderful and relaxed afterwards, and continued this practice to this day.

Years later, when I was married and expecting my first child, I attended my first prenatal yoga class. It was an incredibly empowering experience that I will never forget. I immediately fell in love with the practice. I had now added yoga to my meditation practice and from that moment on my entire life began to change and transform.  I was on the path to enhancing my mind, body and spirit.


I made a commitment to myself to follow and explore the yoga practice and to enjoy this amazing journey of yoga, mindfulness and breath work. I embraced a new lifestyle that I knew I would follow for life.

Before I began my yoga journey, I was an educator teaching pre-school through high school children, as well as adults.  I have a bachelor’s degree in education (B.Ed and S.Ed) and I am experienced as a special education teacher and an art therapy professional.  My formal teacher’s training has helped me to understand my students’ needs and adapt my yoga classes to meet their various needs and interests.

  • My teaching has taken me around the globe to places including Israel, Canada and New York where I have shared the benefits of yoga and meditation with my students.
  • The instructors who have inspired and guided me include: Gail Boorstein Grossman, Deborah Forman, Colleen Saidman, Rodney Yee and Lucas Rockwood.


My yoga teaching qualifications include:

Yoga Vinyasa Flow

Reiki Healing

Restorative Yoga

Kids and Teens

Family Yoga

Baby and Me Yoga

Pre/Postnatal Yoga

Breathwork and Meditation


Oils Therapy


My yoga journey has changed my life and I am inviting you to join me on this journey. I can assure you that you will not be able to compare my studio practice to other studios. What can you expect from your yoga journey? The grounding and centering feelings you will feel during your yoga practice with me are profound.

Join me for a class…it could change your life.

Please contact me for a free consultation and guidance and I will customize the best training plan for you.

Telephone:  (917) 470-6386.


Looking forward to practicing with you.