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Yoga Mind LI’s mission is to share yoga skills and mindfulness with K-12 students while inspiring them to challenge themselves and make the most of themselves. Through yoga, we teach kids of all ages the value and importance of moving, breathing, and relaxing while encouraging them to be more creative and open their minds to higher learning.

Nowadays schools are introducing yoga into their curriculum and educators are seeing improved focus. self-esteem and focus among their students. We can creat classes that can teach the teachers how to meet the needs of their students ages k-12.

Yoga can also be incorporated into social events for motivation and team building.

Our yoga programs are flexible and can be customized to meet your school’s needs and requirements.

Preschools through Elementary yoga program: 

For daycare/preschool-age children, our yoga classes help develop healthy habits from a very early age. Our lessons support the physical, mental, and emotional wellness and development of daycare/preschool children ages 2-5 by combining yoga poses with songs and stories which stimulate social, sensory, and motor skills.

Our classes for elementary school students aim to improve flexibility, coordination, and strength in a unique and dynamic environment of cooperation and mutual respect. Students of elementary school age can have trouble focusing and are often easily distracted.

Through fun yoga poses and interactive games, Yoga Mind Li classes will help children ages 6-12 to increase their focus and self-esteem while building body awareness. The classes will also allow students to explore various yoga and mindfulness skills in a safe and non-competitive environment. The skills we teach will improve the students’ inner peace, reduce their day-to-day stress and promote focused learning while encouraging them to handle any situation with a calm, positive, and constructive attitude.

Middle school and high school yoga programs: 

Middle schoolers and high schoolers students often spend a large portion of their day without physical activity. Compared to younger students, teenagers require higher challenges and more intense yoga instruction, but classes still need to be fun and interesting. These are the years when they are finding their place in the world and they need to be equipped with self-esteem, flexibility, inner strength, and a connection to their best self. Yoga Mind LI’s classes help students ages 13-17 discover a positive body image, build self-confidence and self-awareness, and develop tools to manage stress and achieve emotional balance.

We can deliver our yoga classes to your classrooms, gym, library, outdoor space – or anywhere in the school – offering your students the opportunity to enjoy an interactive, fun, and meaningful experience.

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