Yoga Classes in Great Neck

  • Private and group lessons for adults, teens and kids
  • Customized workshops for schools and corporations

Yoga Classes in Great Neck

  • Private and group lessons for adults, teens and kids
  • Customized workshops for schools and corporations

Class Schedule

Date / Time Classes Duration  
Wed 17 July 2019
09:45 AM
Pre/Post - Natal YogaThis class is for all moms-to-be. there will be a gentle variation on traditional yoga postures that specifically benefit the need of pregnant women. Prenatal Yoga applies posture, breading and meditation to help sooth the challenges of pregnancy, and prepare expectant mothers for both delivery and postpartum recuperation.
1 hour Sign Up
11:30 AM
Creative Yoga Flow - Open LevelA strong vinyasa flow with evolving creative sequencing to build heat, endurance, strength and flexibility. We will ignite you core as you flow through creative sequence designed to target your abdominals, obliques, spine and pelvic floor. This class move in an energetically pace with great music. (Strong beginners/ Advance)
1 hour Sign Up
Thu 18 July 2019
09:45 AM
Gentle Yoga and MeditationThis is a beginner class that will address all the important aspect of a yoga class. we will focus on the basic postures, the breathing and the foundation of a yoga class in a slow pace. You will be guided into the practice of mindfulness-awareness meditation by bringing your attention to breathing of moment to moment experience. No previous experience in yoga is required.
1 hour Sign Up



Improved cognitive functioning achieved by mindfulness meditation


Full-body stretching routine that can improve your range of motion


Root peacefulness in your mind, and create a playful expanse in your heart

Kids and Teens Yoga

Kids and teens who practice yoga develop balance, body awareness, flexibility, strength, concentration, creativity and confidence, and life-changing skills. Learn more

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My name is Liat Chanoch, and I am a yoga teacher with formal academic education. I am also certified in special education and art therapy. My goal is to inspire you to create more space in your life so you can find time to do whatever you really want. Learn more

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Our individual and group lessons are designed for adults at all ages. Our goal is to help you improve the quality of your life, your health and spirit. Learn more

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