About us


I was five months pregnant when I attended my first yoga class. I fell in love with yoga immediately. From the very first lesson a whole new world has opened to me and everything made sense. The body-mind connection holds information that many times can be only accessed through yoga and movement. Yoga is a powerful tool to learn about yourself, opening the mind and relaxing the body from our everyday stressors.

Ever since that first class, I never stopped practicing yoga, which has definitely added to my quality of life. The grounding and centering feelings I experience when practicing yoga is profound. We all want to have some piece of mind and a deeper understanding of ourselves and our experiences.

In my work, I put the emphasis on alignment and breathing. We will be practicing mindfulness and exercise relaxation and meditation. While my training is in Vinyasa Yoga and in HataYoga, I gear my class to the needs of the participants integrating different styles of yoga.

In my formal training, I am an educator with over 20 years of experience, and have a bachelor degree in education (B.Ed), as well as special education teacher and an art therapy professional.

Before I began teaching yoga I was an educator and a teacher in schools both abroad and in New York. I have solid experience working in the NYC school system and I offer my services to classrooms in Long Island and New York city.

My practice is not limited to children and teens. I also work with adults who seek the benefits of yoga and mindfulness. It doesn’t matter where you are in your life or what are your physical abilities. Yoga is for everyone. I hope you come and join me for a yoga class, I assure you a pleasurable experience. I hope to guide you and inspire you to a healthy grounding life.

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